Honeymoon Fund!!!

The wedding sites all want to take several dollars per transaction for you to contribute to our honeymoon fund, nuts to that!

3 Easy options for the honeymoon fund

1. For you young kids that love the apps, just open Square Cash and send it to $ericajmwood

2. For all you PayPal lovers, contribute to our honeymoon fund here but on the second step, you’ll need to click “Change” next to “paying for an item or service” to change it to “sending money to a friend” — otherwise Paypal will siphon off a few percent and nag us to send you whatever it thinks you bought from us…which you know…we’re not selling anything.

3. Envelopes full of cash can also be stuffed in Evan’s jacket at the wedding (preferably while doing your best gangster impression).

Let’s all stick it to the man and keep our money where it belongs…in honeymoon drinks with umbrellas!

Evan & Erica